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What is

SitterTime is the best way for parents and their babysitters to arrange babysitter dates. SitterTime is for parents and their babysitters who already know each other, or somehow meet outside of SitterTime. SitterTime is not a babysitter referral service.

For Parents If you're a parent, the weekly chore of lining up a babysitter for your weekend date is about to become much easier. After you put your sitter list on SitterTime it is not just a piece of paper. Now your list is alive, constantly reflecting the status of your babysitters. Want to go out Saturday night? On the SitterTime calendar, click on Saturday night. You immediately see who's available and who's busy. If any are avialable, click to reserve and set the time you need. If none are available, click to request a sitter. If you can't wait, call the sitters who are not listed as busy, not wasting your and the sitter's time calling the ones who are already busy. And you can do this from anywhere you have web access, so you can reserve an available sitter from work on Friday afternoon for that same night, especially good for those times when you've forgotten your spouse's birthday. It doesn't get any better than this.

With SitterTime, you use your existing sitters. Since it's now so easy to interact with your sitters, it's practical to expand your sitter list to however many good sitters you can find. For more details on all of the other convenient SitterTime features, see How to use

As part of our drive to get everyone online with SitterTime, we are offering, for the first one million parents who sign up worldwide, free lifetime memberships in SitterTime's revolutionary babysitter reservation system. If you miss this great offer, the annual fee will be $9.50 If you use SitterTime for the next ten years, you'll save nearly $100! Sign up now, free for life, to use SitterTime!

For Sitters If you're a babysitter, you can now let everyone know when you're available, and when you're not, just with a few mouse clicks. You also know when someone is requesting you to sit for them. All of this without dealing with phone calls, voice messages and playing phone tag! And SitterTime can even get a sub for you for those times when you can't make a sitting date due to a sudden illness or for any other reason.

With, you sit for your existing customers. Since it's now so easy to interact with them, it's practical to expand your customer list to however many good customers you can find. You'll make more money with less hassle! For more details on all of the other convenient SitterTime features, see How to use

SitterTime is, and always will be, free for babysitters. Sign up now to use!

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