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Frequently Asked Questions

From Parents -

From Babysitters - From Parents of Babysitters - From parents -

    Q. Is a babysitter referral service?
    A. No. You must already know the parents or sitters that you communicate with on

    Q. What if I'm dissatisfied with my babysitter?
    A. Simply delete that babysitter from your sitter list. cannot assume any responsibility for the behavior of your babysitters. These are babysitters that you choose entirely on your own, as everyone has always done.

    Q. What if I want a particular sitter for say, Saturday night? Can I select which sitter I want?
    A. Check your SitterTime calendar for Saturday. All available and busy sitters are shown. If your favorite sitter shows available, just click to reserve. If he/she does not show as busy, call them on the phone. If they then say they can, you've got it, and make sure they mark themselves as busy for that day. If they can't, they should also mark themselves as busy, and you'll have to get someone else. Select from another available sitter, submit a request, or call all the non-busy sitters on your list. Any of these non-busy sitters that can't sit for you should mark themselves as busy for that day.

    Q. I just registered with SitterTime. How do I get my babysitters signed up with me?
    A. If your sitters are already signed up with, simply ask them for their user names. If they are not already signed up, ask them to do so and get their user names. Enter those names into your sitter list. The next time they log on, they will be given the opportunity to confirm you as one of the parents that they sit for. After this is done, you and your sitters can arrange your babysitting dates through

    Q. What if one of my sitters is not on the Internet?
    A. You'll just have make arrangements with them the old fashioned way until they get on the net.

From babysitters -

    Q. What if I don't want to sit for a particular kid anymore?
    A. Simply remove the parents of that kid from your parents list.

From parents of babysitters -

    Q. Is safe for our child to use to arrange babysitting dates?
    A. Using is just as safe as the system your child uses right now. The only information we have that is unique to your child is his/hers email address, which we will not release to anyone without a court order. Your child will be dealing with the same parents that they deal with now. It is up to you, the babysitter's parents, to insure the safety of your child while babysitting, just as it is without

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